Emu Oil Experience #4

I had arthritis pain and swelling so bad, I was being treated monthly with a pain medication. It was so bad, just to walk, to go for a ride in a car would be extremely painful, sometimes even with medication the pain would still be unbearable. You learn to live with some pain.
April 1998, my daughter brought me a sample of you Emu Oil and said a co-worker had told her of her grandmother and how she wanted to die from the pain of arthritis. She gave her grandmother a sample of emu and she was now going to church, shopping and other things she had to discontinue due to the pain. I started rubbing the Emu Oil in and within a couple days I noticed that the pain was gone and that the stiffness was also gone.

June 1998, I went for my regular doctor's visit and my doctor ask if I needed my arthritis medicine and I said, "no, I think I have found a cure for arthritis, and he said "what is it?" Emu Oil. I've been using it for a while and I feel great. He said he heard a rumor about emu but he didn't have anything on it. He told me to continue using the Emu Oil.

Ms. Geller, I've given samples to aunts, church members and friends, who have all said that the "Emu Oil IS DOING A GREAT JOB ON THEIR ARTHRITIS PAIN AND SWELLING." So, thank you and your Emu Oil for all the wonderful things that I am now able to do.


T. C. J.

Uneet Co. Inc.
275 RT 10 East, Ste 220-405
Succasunna, NJ 07876

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